7 tips to keep your gut healthy

1. Include high fiber foods in your diet

Black beans & chickpeas

Research suggests, high fiber foods simulate the growth and diversity of good bacteria in the gut. Examples:

Oats & quinoa

Broccoli & asparagus

Almonds & pistachios

Apple & peaches

2. Include garlic in your diet

According to studies, garlic may increase microbiome diversity in your gut, that can help improve your gut health.

3. Exercise

A 2019 study reported that exercise alone, without any diet changes, has the power to improve gut bacteria composition.

4. Limit alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption is linked to gastritis, which is inflammation of the gut. It may also negatively affect your microbiome composition.

5. Include fermented foods in your diet

These are a great source of probiotics. Examples:






6. Reduce stress levels

According to research, gut health and stress are linked to each other. Keeping stress under control may help improve your gut health.

7. Consider a supplement

Ask your doctor to recommend a good probiotic supplement for your gut health. It can specially help people who are taking antibiotics.